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Cash For Junk Cars Columbus

You must be wondering just who the Junk Car Boys are. Well, we’re glad you asked! The company was founded by two brothers, Andrew and Joel Hahn. They were born and raised in Chicago, IL for most of their life. However; They ended up moving with family over to the West Coast at a somewhat young age. That is where the owners currently reside. The company was founded in Portland, OR and that is where the main headquarters are for Junk Car Boys.

The two brothers were raised in a family where they always drove junk cars. They quickly became knowledgeable about the issues junk cars posed to a family. Their parents would drive around junk cars, until they broke down, then the vehicles would just sit on the property and rot away. There weren’t very many options as far as how to dispose of them. The typical way you got rid of vehicles in the 90’s was by calling a tow company to come and take it from you, in which you had to pay for that to happen.

Oh how times have changed drastically, now there are companies like us that only exist to pay you for those vehicle.

The two brothers never expected such great success of this magnitude, they are both humbled and excited by not only getting the opportunity to earn customers business, but by the adventure of running their own national corporation. The two brothers quickly brought on their third brother Tim Hahn because the company blew up so fast, they needed more help. The family run idea didn’t last long before they had to begin hiring the public to help with the rapid growth.

The three brothers plan on continuing their path on “doing the right thing for the customer” and constantly fine tuning their service. JCB owes all its success to you the customer…because without you…there would be no Junk Car Boys. The 3 brothers will always remember that.

Thank You So Much!


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